Dal 1981

Stagnoli was born in the 1980s. Like all winning companies, Stagnoli too was born from an idea, the idea of ​​using plastic materials for mechanical applications such as racks for gates. This idea has always been pursued by both Mr. Francesco Albiero, who still offers the company his valuable advice and his precious know-how, both from the technical-commercial staff, which today represents the beating heart of Stagnoli. Thanks to the idea and long experience, Stagnoli has developed a wide range of its own products, both for accessories for automatic gates and for industrial signage.

Here Mr. Albiero at work on one of the first machines.

The beginning

In 1981, in a warehouse of 250 square meters, with 2 employees and 3 injection presses, our company history began, immediately focused on "technical" molding.


The first gears and the first TECHNOPOLYMERS

We strengthen and organize the design and production of gears on drawing and we create the first standard product catalog. The collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano certifies and develops skills in transmissions and in the design of gears applied to technopolymers


The new department

The company is enriched with a new department dedicated to the production and maintenance of molds. In the same year we filed the patent for the nylon rack with steel core, our flagship product that has made us famous throughout Italy and abroad.


One step at a time

Our factory expands from 250 to 2000 square meters. Our company moves to a new location and the production department is completed with the addition of 4 presses and cutting-edge machinery and equipment.


The expansion

The company further expands its production spaces with the construction of a factory of 7,000 square meters, of which over 4,500 square meters used for production. Furthermore, a department dedicated to mechanical machining (CNC) on our products is added to the production chain, in particular post-molding turning and milling.


Research and Development Department

Our company invests in Research and Development by organizing training courses for its staff in the field of production and design.


The company grows

We prove to be one of the most qualified and most qualified gear and transmission manufacturers


Eyes towards the future

In the last 5 years we have faced challenging challenges and projects that have led us into new markets and application sectors, with transmission parts and technical details modeled in a more precise and resistant way. Thanks to the tests on the life of the gear wheels, we are among the first companies in Europe to have experimental data on mechanical resistance and wear.


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